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foundation ( ) “If the design of the product isn’t attractive, we don’t put the Sony logo on it.” Ohga regarding color were made. Black was chosen as the base of the original color palette. The first product designed under Ohga’s direction was the TFM-110 FM radio, popularly known as It wasn’t until Morita gave Ohga control of the product and advertising design teams, the ‘Eleven’. The combination of its shape with the black and silver color scheme resulted in and put them under one roof called the Design Division, that deliberate decisions such excellent sales that Sony’s radio business was rejuvenated. 1.3 p. 15 Black continues to build the unique expression of Sony Sony black as a brand. With this black, we create a cohesive look for all the faces of Sony. This is the base color for all manifestations of Sony communications and signals technological excellence and elegance. Sony black powerfully frames any image. It is timeless, premium, and confident; it draws us into the rich, engaging Sony world.

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