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In 1954, the first Sony plant was established. The duties of that first working day in the new flooded rice paddies. The roads were, at best, footpaths between fields. At night it plant consisted of weeding, sweeping, washing windows, and unpacking. The staff, now was pitch dark, and one false step would land them in muddy water. When the plant numbering 27, was truly starting from scratch. Their next task was the purchase of 27 pairs came into full operation in June, neighbors in those rustic parts were astonished at of rubber boots. The factory was surrounded on all sides by fields, some of which were the brightness of its fluorescent lights – by the presence of Sony. 4 p. 76 In all environments, the Sony personality should environ- shine. We must ensure that we stand out from the rest. Sony should stop people in their tracks. ments Sony deals in awe.

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