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2022 Annual Report 3 30% Club France Investor Group  Objective 2: Disclosure Expectations from Investee Companies We expect companies to be transparent regarding the procedures used to find and appoint new members to the executive management team and how that process ensures a diverse leadership committee. We call on companies to provide information on how diversity materializes at every management level. What is the 30% Club? Why 30%? • A business campaign aiming to boost the number of women in board seats and executive leadership of companies worldwide • Calling on members to commit to at least 30% female representation on their boards and executive leadership teams because this is the critical mass at which minority voices become heard; it’s a floor, not the ultimate goal • Two pillars for a complete 30% Chapter: 30% Club CEOs and 30% Club Investor Groups • First 30% Club investor group was established in the UK in 2010; now there are six more Club chapters • All Clubs share the same objective but have varying timelines as they adapt to local situations About the 30% Club France Investor Group  Objective 1: At Least 30% Women in the Executive Committee by 2025 As members of the 30% Club France Investor Group, we expect executive management teams of SBF 120 companies to appoint women to at least 30% of seats by 2025. We encourage companies to develop an internal female talent pipeline f rom entry positions to the top. *Objectives have been shortened for length. Full objectives can be found in the appendix. Key Objectives of the 30% Club France Investor Group* The 30% Club France Investor Group Our Ambitions and Objectives As investors, we are stewards of our investee companies. Part of that responsibility includes the assessment of their executive management teams. Since 2017, listed companies in France must have a minimum of 40% of women on the Board of Directors under the Copé Zimmermann law. The Rixain Law adopted in 2021 also enforces that Executive Committees have 30% female representation by 2027 and 40% by 2030. This law provides the opportunity to rethink and reshape the attraction & retention practices as well as the avenues for promotion to make sure French companies mitigate the risk of leaky pipelines and offer equal career opportunities regardless of gender. The 30% Club France Investor Group doesn’t solely address the visible part of the iceberg; we want to bring our contribution to the 2030 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal SDG 5 in relation to gender equality. The French Investor Group aims to eventually open a French chapter of the 30% Club which would imply having the CEO/Chair pillar in addition to the investor pillar.

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