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2022 Annual Report 7 30% Club France Investor Group After two years of existence, the 30% Club France Investor Group is now widely recognized as a credible force by SBF120 companies. We actively and constructively engaged with many constituents for the first or second time. More evidence of traction with the investor initiative is that new members joined us and showed their genuine interest in engaging with their investee companies. We observe the true willingness of many companies to learn about best practices on how to foster a more inclusive and diverse corporate culture. They are more and more convinced that their future success will be driven by their ability to attract and retain diverse talents and foster a more inclusive and creative corporate culture. In the meantime, we are fully aware that gender diversity is a journey. It will take time to see a better alignment between the percentage of women within a company and their representation in the highest operational roles. However, we are ready to take up that challenge collectively. We believe that healthy gender balance will lead to better decision making and ultimately better performance over Marie-Sybille Connan, 2022 Chair of the 30% Club France Investor Group the long term. Investors also have a societal role to play as active stewards to move the lines for a more inclusive, more diverse, and more successful society as recalled by the 5th Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for gender equality by 2030. This year, we onboarded more investors in our initiative, engaged with more French firms, and met with relevant stakeholders such as lawmakers and experts to inform our engagement, demystify gender diversity, and overcome the many different obstacles that gender diversity is facing in practice. It is in this context that we had the pleasure of having an inspiring discussion with Marie-Pierre Rixain, Member of the French Parliament to whom we owe the law on gender professional and economic equity. 2022 was a very eventful and insightful year for the 30% Club France Investor Group. In this report, we share with you the insights and learnings f rom this campaign, and we hope that you will appreciate the reading as much as we are committed to contributing to better gender professional and financial equity.

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