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2022 Annual Report 6 30% Club France Investor Group As the Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing – and as a citizen – I’m convinced of the importance of diversity and equity in society. Therefore, it was natural for me to support the membership of AllianzGI to the 30% Club France Investor Group in March of 2021 as well as the chairmanship of the initiative in 2022. At AllianzGI, we aim to become a shaper of sustainable investing solutions, leading clients and investee companies on an inclusive transition pathway to a better future. More specifically, promoting equal financial and professional opportunities is part of our responsibility to society and one of the keys to generating sustainable returns. We strongly believe that inclusive and diverse companies lead to more creative, profitable, and sustainable outcomes. Matt Christensen, Global Head Sustainable & Impact Investment, Allianz Global Investors In the two years since the initiative’s launch, I’m pleased to see that the importance of gender diversity is increasingly acknowledged within French companies and that encouraging progress in terms of female representation on executive leadership teams is visible. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go. By pooling our efforts under the 30% Club France, we as investors can help move the lines faster to drive genuine and sustainable change by looking not only at the executive committee but also at how companies build a gender-diverse talent pipeline. The 30% by 2025 is the floor, not the ceiling. The Rixain Law on economic and professional equity for women sets 40% by 2030 as the next f rontier. We are willing to do our part!

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