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2022 Annual Report 5 30% Club France Investor Group The realization and effectiveness of women’s economic rights are true opportunities for both men and women, companies, and our economy; they, therefore, require proactive policies and feminist commitments. By making equality between women and men the great concern of his five-year term, President Emmanuel Macron has helped accelerate the march of history by creating a dynamic that commits us to reviewing the conditions of real economic power sharing within companies. Indeed, a certain number of blockages in our collective organization still constrain women’s economic room to maneuver and lead to a cascade of consequences which, very often, prevent the development of their careers and definitively confirm the inequalities of fortune between women and men. With this in mind, I drafted a bill in 2021 that enshrines new economic rights for women thus allowing them to conquer their status as f ree and autonomous economic actors. This law concerns all women - whatever their age, whether they have children or not, in the diversity of their journey - so they all have the means to seize the potential of the economic changes at work and have many opportunities for fulfillment. The number of requests I receive proves that this issue is on the table for all companies now more than ever and that is something I am delighted about! Finally, our country is thinking about how to make half of the working population a source of value creation, wealth, and jobs. This reflection is especially necessary for the current economic context. And we can already say that the law, which was carried out throughout the year 2021, has made progress. According to the latest edition of Heidrick & Struggles’ “Mixité au sommet” study of 2022, 31% of SBF120 companies would have at least 30% women in their executive committee, compared to 18% in 2020. Similarly, 9% will have at least 40%, compared to 6% in 2020. I believe that an increasingly significant proportion of large companies have taken measures for the challenge of gender diversity, both to ensure their attractiveness and to accelerate their overall performance. In this respect, the law that I introduced - which marks a major change in the management and retention of corporate talent - will accelerate this dynamic by imposing ambitious but achievable targets for the players concerned. The feminization of management teams is a tremendous opportunity for companies; it is a reality that invites the players to position themselves today on this issue in a strong and committed way or they will miss an essential step in their transformation and growth. I would like to congratulate the French investor group of the 30% Club, specifically Matt Christensen and Marie-Sybille Connan, for their sincere commitment to this issue as well as their determined actions to move the lines in the field of investment. This is a key sector for defining tomorrow’s strategic directions and where the choices each of you makes affect our entire society. Together, let’s build the France of 2030: a country with all its talents! Marie-Pierre Rixain Marie-Pierre Rixain , Member of the French Parliament

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