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Visual Elements Print Price Point 1.24 All price points must align to approved Spacing standards. If editing a template, follow these rules to ensure all price point advertising will appear consistently: Price copy should be AmericanSans Light in AA Blue. The dollar Round Trip sign ($) is a medium weight. .5 Y All prices are $ shown in USD Price point descriptors are set in Y AmericanSans Medium and AA Light Blue. If more description is required, it should be placed under 1 X the Round Trip descriptor and set in .25 Y AmericanSans Regular and AA Gray. Price point descriptors should be a minimum of 5 pt. Secondary callouts (if necessary) are set in AmericanSans Medium,in AA Blue small caps Typography and tracked out to +75 pts. Round Trip All prices are $ shown in USD © American Airlines, 2015 Advertising Guidelines, v 3.0

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