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Employee and Community Well-Being 41 Family Support We take the whole-person approach when it comes to our employees and understand that support for their lives outside of work is critical. We provide a wealth of resources to assist our employees who are seeking to expand their families, with benefits to support adoption and infertility treatments, as well as maternity programs. We also offer paid parental leave programs and provide tools and resources for parenting support. At many of our locations, we include paid family leave as well as back-up daycare and support in locating caregivers. In 2021, Gulfstream rolled out a new family care support program. This service, available at no cost, provides personalized support to help employees care for themselves and the ones they love, whether it’s finding care for a spouse, children, parents or grandparents. GDIT employees in Tampa, Florida, volunteer to paint homes of low-income elderly residents.

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