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Engagement and Development 36 Onboarding and Mentoring Meaningful and rapid assimilation into our workforce and continued engagement of our new hires is essential to our success and the success of our customers. For this approach to be effective, we begin with clearly articulated job descriptions and well-orchestrated interviews. Human Resources and Operations partner to ensure those we hire know what they will be doing, who they will be doing it with and for and, most importantly, why they are doing it. Once a good fit is mutually determined by General Dynamics and the prospective employee, each business tailors onboarding to align new employees with our Ethos and our culture of continuous improvement. Onboarding includes an overview of company policies, required training and, in many instances, the presence of a senior leader to reiterate our gratitude for their employment with General Dynamics and our commitment to providing a safe and ethical work environment. To further engage and develop our employees, we offer mentoring programs across our business. Our development teams use data analytics to match employees with leaders to begin the mentoring relationship. At GDIT, newly hired veterans are able to engage with other veterans employed at GDIT in virtual discussion forums focused on topics to assist them with their transition to the corporate environment. These discussions are supplemented with smaller mentoring breakout sessions to allow for more hands-on exploration of relevant support tools. Skills Training Highly skilled employees strive to increase their knowledge and value within the company and their Maintenance mechanic apprentice at Jet Aviation in Basel, Switzerland

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