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Governance 17 Compensation We deliver fair market-based compensation. Our businesses evaluate all job categories and levels, comparing compensation for similar positions to ensure there are no inadvertent disparate pay conditions, and if any are found, promptly raise pay to remediate the situation. Our executive compensation is rooted in a longstanding pay-for-performance philosophy. To incentivize this focus on creating long-term value, our executive compensation is tied to defined financial and nonfinancial performance metrics that align with creating shareholder value. These defined metrics also include a stakeholder-centric strategic and operational component, which incorporates environmental, human and social capital sustainability objectives. We demonstrate our commitment to aligning management with stockholders by emphasizing a culture of stock ownership, with some of the strictest stock ownership guidelines in the S&P 500 for our executive officers. Our shareholders provide feedback on executive compensation with an annual say-on-pay vote, and in 2021, our say-on-pay vote was 97% in favor. USNS John Lewis (T-AO 205)

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