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Index 56 INDEX Where practicable, we seek to follow the disclosure topics and accounting metrics established by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Below are the SASB standards for the aerospace and defense sector, with links to relevant information. Metric Code Accounting Metric Report Location Energy Management RT-AE-130a.1 (1) Total energy consumed, GJ (2) Percentage grid electricity, % (3) Percentage renewable, % (1) 7,155,804 (2) 92.5% (3) 7.5% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Waste Management RT-AE-150a.1 Amount of hazardous waste generated, percentage recycled 29% of 18,199 tons of hazardous waste were recycled throughout the enterprise. RT-AE-150a.2 Number and aggregate quantity of reportable spills, quantity recovered, kg We promptly report all suspected or confirmed spills to the appropriate environmental authority. Data Security RT-AE-230a.1 Number of data breaches, percentage involving confidential information None of a material nature RT-AE-230a.2 Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks in company operations and products Information Security Data Privacy and Protection Governance Product Safety RT-AE-250a.1 Number of recalls issued, total units recalled None RT-AE-250a.2 Number of counterfeit parts detected, percentage avoided We promptly report all suspected or confirmed cases to the government and/or the customer. Counterfeit Parts Prevention RT-AE-250a.3 Number of Airworthiness Directives received; total units affected The most recent information is available from the FAA. RT-AE-250a.4 Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with product safety None of a material nature

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