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Our Culture 22 Ethics The foundation of our culture is our Ethos, which shapes how General Dynamics employees act according to our shared values of transparency, trust, alignment and honesty. In all things. At all times. This standard starts with our leaders and serves as the foundation of our company. We understand the magnitude of this responsibility and our role in preserving the General Dynamics brand and reputation. As a government contractor with nearly 70% of our revenue from the U.S. government, we operate in a highly regulated environment and are subject to regular audit and review by multiple U.S. government agencies to assess our compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards. The U.S. government also reviews the adequacy of, and compliance with, internal control systems and policies, including our purchasing, property estimating, material, earned value management and accounting systems. Each and every employee is expected to uphold these standards and is equipped with the tools and resources they need to do so successfully. Our commitment to ethics is reinforced with our employees on their first day of employment and throughout their careers with General Dynamics. Not only do we foster an ethical work environment, we work to create an environment where employees feel safe, empowered, and equipped to speak up and do the right thing. Leadership Commitment to Ethics General Dynamics’ leadership team lives our values and serves as an example to our employees, customers and shareholders. Our board of directors and our key financial professionals have adopted ethics codes specific to their roles, which they commit to annually. Both codes have been carefully crafted by leadership to align with our Ethos. With their signature, our chairman, board members and financial leaders promise to manage our business with the highest standards of ethical conduct while aligning to our Ethos, our moral compass. Leaders throughout the company make decisions through an environmental, social and governance lens to foster ethical and sustainable business practices. This perspective is applied to every step in the process of delivering a product, service or solution to a customer and when engaging with the communities in which we live and work. Readily Available Tools and Resources Our commitment to ethics is highly visible, readily available and continually reinforced in numerous ways. We take a number of steps to equip our employees with the tools and resources they need to do the right thing. One such step is to require new employees to acknowledge receipt of, understanding of and compliance with our Ethos and with Our Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct commonly known as the Blue Book . The Blue Book states our expectation that all employees conduct business in accordance with our Ethos, applicable laws and our policies. T R A N S P A R E N C Y T R U S T H O N E S T Y A L I G N M E N T In all things. At all times.

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