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Governance 14 Board of Directors Our board of directors and management team are committed to the principle that good corporate governance enhances shareholder value. Through strong corporate governance practices, we promote a culture of ethics and integrity and empower leaders at all levels to do what is right for our customers, suppliers, employees and communities. Our deeply engaged and experienced board is central to our company’s culture of accountability and continuous improvement. Our board reflects a diverse and well-qualified group of business leaders and aerospace and defense industry experts, as well as financial and strategic advisers. Other than our CEO, all of our directors are independent. Each of our board committees is chaired by an independent director. Our board includes directors who are or have: The General Dynamics Corporate Governance Guidelines provide a framework for effective governance of the board and the company. The board’s commitment is demonstrated by key corporate governance practices, including: y strong board independence; y an independent lead director; y a majority voting standard for the election of directors, coupled with a director resignation policy; y shareholders’ right to call a special meeting; y shareholders’ right to act by written consent; y shareholders’ ability to nominate director candidates and have those nominees included in the company’s proxy statement, a process known as “proxy access”; y annual board and committee self-assessments; y a robust shareholder engagement program; and y disclosure of corporate political contributions and trade association dues. Significant financial backgrounds or expertise Current or former public company directors Women or racial or ethnic minorities Prior top leadership posts in the military or U.S. Department of Defense Current or past CEOs of complex, global and/or public companies Experience in corporate sustainability matters and reporting standards Experience in leading complex operating and manufacturing organizations Balanced Board With Unique Perspectives

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