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Governance 16 Political Engagement General Dynamics Corporation does not make political contributions. We offer eligible employees (as determined by federal election laws) in the United States the opportunity to make political contributions through a political action committee (PAC). The General Dynamics employee PAC is organized and operated on a strictly voluntary, nonpartisan basis and is registered with the Federal Election Commission. The PAC’s political contributions are reported monthly to the Federal Election Commission, where they become a matter of public record and are available for review online . PAC contributions are subject to a robust internal review process to ensure they represent the best interests of the company, its employees and its shareholders. In addition, internal financial controls exist to ensure company compliance with federally mandated contribution limits. Our employee PAC invests contributions in candidates based on: • Support for national security and aerospace • Representation in districts/states where General Dynamics facilities, suppliers or employees are located • Membership on key committees legislating issues important to General Dynamics • Leadership positions • Prior military or aerospace industry experience As a guiding principle of our employee PAC, we stay above the normal fray of partisan politics, remaining focused on national security and on advocating for success of General Dynamics and our employees. That means we give to members of both parties, and we delink our support from issues unrelated to our core business. That philosophy has served our industry well over the years, as we have enjoyed strong bipartisan support. We do not contribute to presidential campaigns, “super PACs,” or other 527 or 501(c)(4) organizations. Our employee PAC will not support members of Congress who provoke or incite violence or similar unlawful conduct. To ensure compliance with all applicable laws relating to political activities and effective corporate governance, we follow a strict policy governing lobbying practices. This includes tracking and reporting lobbying costs and expenses as nondeductible for tax purposes and unallowable for purposes of U.S. government contracts.

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