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Our Ethos 5 Our Ethos at Work TRANSPARENCY, TRUST, ALIGNMENT, HONESTY: Drive how we operate our business. We pursue operating excellence by anticipating customer needs; driving innovation; improving processes; and reducing waste, emissions and energy consumption. We believe in being wise stewards of capital and resources. Govern how we engage with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers. We must be forthright and open to change. We seek employees, partners and suppliers that adhere to these values in their businesses and hold them to the same high standards as we hold ourselves. Guide our interactions with each other. As a community of people, we are dedicated to our company’s purpose and to promoting the health, welfare and safety of our employees. We treat each other with dignity and respect, celebrating our similarities as well as our differences, and making an effort to understand and support one another by promoting inclusive work environments. Ensure fair compensation and equal employment opportunity in principled and productive workplaces. Our values motivate us to promote strong organizational practices with diversity, opportunities for career development and training. We stand behind basic universal human rights, including that all employment must be voluntary. We unequivocally oppose human trafficking in all forms. Connect us with our communities. Fulfilling our obligation to be a good corporate citizen means that we engage in actions that further the well- being of our communities. We do this by supporting participation in social welfare organizations; promoting volunteerism; and undertaking initiatives to mitigate climate change, drive out hazardous waste from our processes, and protect water resources.

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