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Our Business 9 Corporate Responsibility We endeavor to conduct business ethically and transparently, and to abide by responsible business practices in order to provide our shareholders with a fair return. Our governance processes ensure that our decisions recognize the economic, environmental and social considerations in our operational strategy. Product Safety Our customers use our products to perform no-fail missions, and we never compromise on safety. True to our Ethos, we commit to providing our customers with products that raise the bar for safety, performance and quality. Our purposeful investment in research and development propels superior design that incorporates the latest in safety solutions and includes technological advances to create a competitive edge. That edge extends to initiatives that promote operating efficiency that include a reduction in fuel burn and carbon emissions from our aircraft and other vehicles. As a result, we manufacture and operate some of the safest and most advanced products ever made, from nuclear-powered submarines to high-speed, long-range business jets. Human Rights We recognize the fundamental human dignity of all people. As a company with operations and suppliers around the world, we appreciate the importance of respect for basic human rights in our business activities, and this core value is embedded at all levels of our business. Our corporate Ethos, the single most important element of our culture, demands responsible and ethical practices, and that includes those that involve human rights. We respect the dignity of those who work on our behalf, we do not discriminate, and we value the diversity of our workforce and business partners. We also respect the rule of law. We recognize the special responsibilities that come with providing products and services with lethal capabilities, and we strive to comply rigorously with applicable laws and requirements regarding product safety and end use. In our complex and international business, some circumstances may be subject to potentially competing imperatives. In carrying out our core commitment to human rights, our North Star is U.S. law and policy. Given our role as a core supplier to the U.S. government and military, we are legally, ethically and morally bound to support its foreign and defense policies. End-Use Risk We take a principled approach to addressing end-use risk associated with our products and services. We follow U.S. national security and foreign policy and strictly adhere to applicable export law. The United States’ laws and regulations governing the export of weapons and other defense articles encompass U.S. defense and foreign policy goals, including the promotion and protection of human rights and international humanitarian law. This export regime contains express provisions addressing end-use risk of defense articles, including exacting eligibility criteria for non-U.S. purchasers, clear limits on permitted uses of exported defense articles, active end-use monitoring and reporting of transactions to Congress. We have a rigorous compliance process, including comprehensive due-diligence and approval processes, to ensure we follow these laws.

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