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Our Culture 30 Performance and Recognition To continue to deliver excellence to our customers, General Dynamics demands — and rewards — actions that embody our Ethos: ethical leadership, technical innovation, creativity and proven results. Leaders across the globe leverage performance management tools and succession plans to engage and reward employees and develop future leaders that will impact strategic objectives. Employees’ objectives and development goals are tied to company objectives and customer needs, and, wherever possible, compensation is performance-based. Expectations are transparent and are reinforced through ongoing feedback and semi-annual and annual reviews. In addition to ongoing and formal reviews, we employ various recognition tools to encourage innovation, continuous improvement, creativity, teamwork, and our commitment to ethics, our Ethos and our customers. To express gratitude and foster continued engagement, leadership and peers nominate employees to recognize a variety of achievements. Examples of these recognition programs include Gulfstream’s Soar, Mission Systems’ Recognition Revolution, Electric Boat’s Operational Excellence Program and Corporate Headquarters’ GD Excellence. By fostering a culture that celebrates and rewards excellence, we encourage employees to bring their best to work every day. GD Ordnance and Tactical Systems’ Precision Systems facility in Garland, Texas

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