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Engagement and Development 29 Over 98% of GDIT's 28,000 employees completed learning modules to recognize unconscious bias and take steps to combat it in everyday work. Developing an Inclusive Mindset Sustainable diversity and inclusion efforts start with developing a mindset that supports and leads a culture of inclusivity. Across the corporation, we have invested in training and development efforts that build mindsets and skills to model inclusive leadership and behaviors in the service of creating an environment where we empower and equip employees with the tools to foster an inclusive work environment. These efforts are deployed at all levels of our locations. We believe that advancing in the diversity and inclusion space must be a collective effort across all employee segments. WHAT ARE PARTICIPANTS SAYING? “ ... enlightening and empowering. It really brings to light how we can better lead our people and cultivate diversity. It encourages us to be bold, listen, embrace, change, promote unity, encourage employees to join a group ...” “ Love the interaction — really one of the best, if not the best, courses I have participated in.” Employee Outreach General Dynamics embraces the belief that diverse and inclusive work environments strengthen the solutions we provide to our customers. A significant pillar in this effort is understanding the employee expectations of our leaders and workplaces to drive inclusivity. Across the corporation, we deploy engagement efforts to capture employee sentiments. Our approach goes beyond the traditional employee engagement efforts and uses technology as well as firsthand outreach. Many of our employee engagement efforts are specific to diversity, equity and inclusion because we believe that this focus garners the best understanding of employee expectations.

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