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Our Culture 26 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Across the General Dynamics Corporation, we believe that our competitive advantage lies within our workforce. The unique contributions of each employee are key in our ability to drive innovation and productivity. We proudly support a culture of inclusion and encourage a work environment that respects diverse opinions, values individual skills and celebrates the unique experiences our employees bring to our workplaces. We track, measure and analyze our workforce trends to establish accountability for continuing to cultivate diverse, equitable and inclusive environments across our businesses and at every level of our company. Our Ethos of trust, alignment, transparency and honesty is our moral code, rooted in respect, that guides how we engage with each other. We believe that diversity and inclusion are priorities that further these goals while simultaneously making us a better corporation and enhancing the value we bring to our stakeholders. These efforts demonstrate our Ethos at work. We continue to work to improve representation of diverse talent at all levels of the corporation so that we reflect the communities in which we operate. Our ongoing efforts include developing ways to attract and retain diverse talent. We gather data about overall demographics, promotions, recruitment and other processes across the employee lifecycle and use that to inform our areas of focus for continued improvement in these areas. New Hires Reflecting our ongoing efforts to develop new pathways for recruiting diverse talent, the percentage of women and people of color we hired in 2020 was higher, in each category, than the proportion comprising our already-diverse workforce. We are committed to promoting diversity of thought, experience, perspectives, backgrounds and capabilities to drive innovation and strengthen the solutions we deliver to our customers because we believe the results lead to a better outcome. We are dedicated to equal employment opportunity that fosters and supports diversity in a principled, productive and inclusive work environment. We stand for basic universal human rights, including that employment must be voluntary. . 38% of our new hires in 2020 were people of color.

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