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OUR STYLE OF PHOTOGRAPHY The images we use in our communications can make a Examples of people and industry/technology images. powerful impression.Whether commissioning new photog- raphy or using stock images, it is important to select images that reflect our personality and set the right tone. In our communications, we use photos of people and images that depict industry and technology and illustrate the connection between people and Honeywell’s innovations in industrial and technological settings. This makes the connection between Honeywell and the peo- ple who create the technology or benefit from it. When selecting a primary image for usage in collateral, literature and advertising our goal is to use a single, compelling image. The image should engage the viewer and tell a powerful story. If a single image is not available, multiple images, as in a collage, are considered acceptable. Use images of people that are candid, but natural. Using the right images can enrich the messages we send and help to break up pages of dense text and charts. 22

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