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OUR COLOR SYSTEM PRIMARY PALETTE Honeywell RED Total Black Brilliant White PMS 485C Building strong color equity for the Honeywell brand is critical ® to strengthening brand awareness. Used consistently over For Honeywell Red use: PANTONE 485C c:0 m:95 y:100 k:0 web:#DE0031 time, colors become associated with companies. UPS For Total Black use: c:0 m:0 y:0 k:100 web:#191A00 brown and Coca-Cola red are a couple of good examples. For Brilliant White use: c:0 m:0 y:0 k:0 web:#FFFFFF Consistent use of color will help make our communications even more recognizable to our audiences. SECONDARY PALETTE The Honeywell color system is comprised of three palettes – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Honeywell Red is the color of our logo and our primary brand color. We also use it to identify high-level corporate communications. Two other colors – Total Black and Brilliant White – Dark Gray Light Gray round out the primary palette. PMS 431C PMS 428C ® The Secondary palette is made of 2 colors consisting of Dark Gray and For Dark Gray use: PANTONE 431C c:11 m:0 y:0 k:65 web:#666666 ® Light Gray. These colors are used as large solid areas and as informa- For Light Gray use: PANTONE 428C c:0 m:0 y:0 k:23 web:#D6D7D6 tion differentiation elements, as demonstrated in the examples on the following pages. TERTIARY PALETTE The Tertiary palette consists of 5 colors. Deep Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Bright Blue and Tan. These colors have a wide range for usage. For instance – blocks of color to differentiate content, as Headings and Subhead, bullets and graphical elements, charts, graphs and bullets. Overall they should be used as an accent color to enhance communi- Deep Blue Dark Green Light Green Bright Blue Tan PMS 2945C PMS 364C PMS 384C PMS 2925C PMS 729C cation without diluting from our primary corporate palette. For Deep Blue use: PANTONE® 2945C c:100 m:38 y:0 k:15 web:#2E6099 It is important to reproduce these colors accurately in our communica- For Dark Green use: PANTONE® 364C c:72 m:0 y:100 k:43 web:#3D9240 tions. PANTONE® and four color formulas have been provided here. For Light Green use: PANTONE® 384C c:15 m:0 y:100 k:30 web:#8BA862 ® For Bright Blue use: PANTONE 2925C c:87 m:23 y:0 k:0 web:#3B87DE For Tan use: PANTONE® 729C c:0 m:27 y:56 k:18 web:#D0A660 21

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