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Contents Sustainable Impact Footprint Integrity and human rights Supply chain responsibility Operations Products and solutions Appendix chains. This program aimed to strengthen health We communicate openly with workers and in 2021 addressing findings associated with Health and safety and safety knowledge and equip workers with the management in our supply chain to identify and modern slavery. tools and skills needed to grow professionally understand workers’ questions, concerns, and and personally. In 2021, we completed our final priorities. We train our procurement teams, As an example of our programs in this area, HP aspires to a world where our products assessment, in which we found that this program supplier managers, and other employees to be in 2019 we launched a partnership with Issara and operations use materials and chemicals improved workers’ knowledge about occupational vigilant and report instances of practices that Institute, an NGO that helps tackle issues related that cause no harm. We take a science-based health and safety, worker rights, and life skills. violate our standards. In 2021, we focused on to human trafficking and forced labor, to support approach to assessing the potential human The worker wellbeing program reached building additional communication channels to the monitoring of recruitment processes in health and environmental impacts of substances 10,700 workers. collect more extensive worker feedback that will Myanmar. In 2021, we kept our focus on worker used in making HP products. We engage with inform future work. voice, using Issara’s expertise to help understand our suppliers to strengthen knowledge and best In 2021, we launched a new digital learning and address worker concerns and improve practices in health and safety. platform in collaboration with Quizrr, a platform factory worker-management communication as dedicated to driving positive change through 1 we continued to deal with borders being closed innovative training solutions to advance corporate Combating modern slavery due to COVID-19. We plan to resume our focus on Process chemicals responsibility and capability building in global As part of our commitment to addressing modern responsible recruitment when borders reopen as supply chains. We delivered our Rights and slavery, we start with our own operations and the pandemic eases. In 2021, we continued to focus on implementation Responsibilities training through this platform. suppliers while striving to collaborate more of a comprehensive worker safety strategy broadly in ways that drive positive change. Modern To support and advance supplier due diligence, to address process chemicals. Suppliers are slavery, as defined in guidance under the UK we sponsor Responsible Recruitment 101, a virtual required to follow the manufacturing process Modern Slavery Act, can manifest itself in different training for suppliers in Taiwan and Malaysia chemical use restrictions outlined in HP’s Human rights ways, including through debt bondage, forced organized by the Responsible Labor Initiative. General Specification for the Environment (GSE). 2 The two-session training provides suppliers We continually deepen our understanding of the labor, and human trafficking. with a comprehensive understanding of forced Additionally, our Supplier Code of Conduct social and economic factors that lead to labor labor and modern slavery in relation to their own requires suppliers to employ robust management concerns, and then focus on areas of risk where HP is uncompromising in our expectations of systems to catalog and evaluate process ethical behavior by our employees, partners, and businesses, the Responsible Business Alliance chemicals, eliminate or manage hazardous we can have the most influence. We collaborate suppliers. In our Modern Slavery Transparency (RBA) Code of Conduct, and applicable laws substances, demonstrate that analyses of safer with organizations and government agencies with Statement, we discuss our efforts to address and regulations. alternatives were conducted when a hazardous local expertise to promote long-term, scalable modern slavery during the fiscal year ended chemical is being used, and provide workers with solutions. Our primary focus areas are combating October 31, 2021. HP is a Gold Level Sponsor of Truckers Against forced labor, protecting workers’ rights, and Trafficking (TAT), which helps combat human essential personal protective equipment and advancing worker health and safety, including Where significant risks are identified, we trafficking in the United States by educating and training. We gather data from our suppliers about safe use of process chemicals. work with suppliers and partners to address mobilizing members of the trucking and busing process chemicals and implement corrective challenges and enact risk-mitigation plans. As industries and coordinating with law enforcement action as needed. a part of addressing priority findings, HP has agencies. We are one of the few shippers that confirmed remedy to more than 250 workers participates directly, and we encourage all in our operations and supply chain, including carriers moving HP products in the United States approximately US$0.4 million in repayments to take TAT training. 31 2021 HP Sustainable Impact Report

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