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Contents Sustainable Impact Footprint Integrity and human rights Supply chain responsibility Operations Products and solutions Appendix needed. Our online Security Bulletins support threats, and to drive cybersecurity innovation in • Ensuring market access and fostering supply Political engagement HP’s commitment to provide prompt notification our products, devices, services, and solutions. chain resilience. and remediation of any vulnerabilities related We follow security-by-design and privacy-by- • Creating digital trust through robust and We conduct all political engagements in a to our products, services, and solutions. When design principles and build security and resilience interoperable data-governance efforts that transparent, legal, and ethical manner and in incidents occur, the Cybersecurity Organization, into our products and services throughout the preserve open data flows. accordance with Integrity at HP. the Worldwide Security and Analytics Practice, product life cycle, from design, component and our Chief Technologist for Security respond sourcing, and manufacturing to transportation, • Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion and In 2021, HP and the HP Employee Political Action swiftly, reporting activities to relevant leadership. service, and take-back. Learn more. driving digital equity. Committee (PAC) ceased supporting candidates When a potential cybersecurity event is identified, • Promoting sound sustainability policies that for elected office (and the HP PAC was dissolved). a core team is responsible for management address climate change, enable an achievable HP does not make political contributions within or of the event, including any commercial or legal Public policy circular economy, and support adoption of outside of the United States. obligations to notify our customers. renewable and efficient energy use. During 2021, HP did not experience any Geopolitical, socio-economic, environmental, • Preserving competitive tax structures and We also make public our U.S. lobbying expenditures cybersecurity events that required disclosure and technological trends drive governments creating economic investment incentives. and membership in U.S. trade associations that to the US Securities and Exchange Commission everywhere to consider policy actions that address engage in lobbying activity. HP did not make any • Enhancing innovation through emerging in-kind political donations in 2021. or other regulatory authorities.2 trust, resilience, equity, and climate change. See the Privacy technologies such as additive manufacturing section for analysis of data breaches associated and microfluidics. In 2021, for the fourth year in a row, we earned a with such cybersecurity events. HP public policy engagements are aligned with perfect score and tied for first place overall among our business interests and our core values to • Protecting against counterfeits. S&P 500 companies in the CPA-Zicklin Index of External engagement drive sustainable impact in climate action, human Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability. rights, and digital equity. We seek opportunities HP is committed to advancing progress in to promote sustainable practices and new cybersecurity across the industry and beyond technologies, such as additive manufacturing by participating in relevant organizations and (3D printing), which contributed to an effective 2019 2020 2021 advisory boards, including IEEE, ISA, ISACA, response to COVID-19. HP corporate political contributions* (ISC)2, ISSA, NIST, SANS, ACFE, and IIA. We host State and local candidates and groups [US$] 111,900 138,900 0 the HP Client Advisory Council, which drives awareness and education, and provides a forum Policy priorities HP employee PAC contributions* for knowledge-sharing with clients worldwide. Federal and state candidates, party committees, and PACs supporting 85,500 95,000 0 Our global Government Affairs and Public Policy diverse candidates [US$] Product security and privacy team leads our engagement with policymakers, HP lobbying expenditures regulators, trade associations, and peer HP continues to conduct and participate companies to advance public policies aligned with Total U.S. federal lobbying expenditures (reported quarterly under the 1,620,000 1,570,000 2,140,000 in cybersecurity research to identify and HP’s interests and values. Our priorities include: Lobbying Disclosure Act) [US$] understand cybersecurity trends, risks, and * In 2021, HP and the HP PAC ceased supporting candidates for elected office (and the HP PAC was dissolved). 27 2021 HP Sustainable Impact Report

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