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2021 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT I 51 At Quest, we believe building upon the talent of our employees on their learning and development journey is crucial to creating an inspiring and engaging workplace. Our goal is to address the learning needs of employees at different stages in their careers at Quest, while supporting our company’s vision, values, and business imperatives. We do this by: • Delivering development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills, and enrich the organization. These include instructor-led programs, bootcamps, learning content, webinars, and articles. • Creating, promoting, and fostering an organizational culture that values development, diversity, and growth opportunities for all employees. • Providing each individual employee and the organization with tools to respond effectively to customer needs as well as current and future demands for service. With increased online learning content, launch of our mobile app, new leadership development programs, and new enterprise-wide I&D trainings and people-leader modules, our training activities dramatically increased in 2021. 24 training hours per employee, on average 1 , 147 , 200 total training hours enterprise-wide New features EMPower employee development Our learning management system, EMPower, is one of the critical tools our employees use to access opportunities to learn and grow at Quest. New features were added this year. Playlists Each of these short, easy-to-absorb curations of videos in EMPower addresses a single theme, such as critical thinking or communication, and is designed to bring learning content directly to our employees and leaders to help them boost their skills and personal development. To date, there are about 70 active playlists available in EMPower with over 2,800 Quest employee followers. Learning channels We established learning channels in EMPower to help employees quickly and easily access impactful learning content. Each channel contains carefully curated content that is easy to engage with and share. In 2021, we released a communication channel and a personal effectiveness channel, with new channels being released every quarter. EMPower Learn mobile app We put learning directly into the hands of our frontline employees by introducing the EMPower Learn mobile app to provide easier access to our learning content. New in 2021, this app offers the option to take trainings on mobile devices, giving employees the opportunity to tailor their learning experience to their preferred learning medium. The new app attracted 1,629 users in only a few weeks. LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Our holistic approach to learning and development “Growing the capabilities of our workforce is critical to our success. Employees have access to relevant learning content in a variety of formats, including a new mobile app. To develop leadership, we’ve re-launched our frontline leader program, LQSM Core, targeting communication, coaching, customer focus, emotional intelligence, QMS, and many other skills essential for us to perform at our best.” Bradford C. Lerman, PsyD Senior Director, Learning and Leadership Development TABLE OF CONTENTS 2021 OVERVIEW COVID-19 RESPONSE PROMOTING A HEALTHIER WORLD CREATING AN INSPIRING WORKPLACE BUILDING VALUE REFERENCES

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