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2021 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT I 53 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT & RECOGNITION Employees are sharing, and we’re listening We continue to enhance our strategy for gathering employee feedback by making it easier and more convenient for employees to respond to surveys, increasing the percentage of employees who provide complete responses, and focusing on timely subject areas that are meaningful to employees. Rather than sending lengthy annual questionnaires, Quest now periodically sends shorter “pulse” surveys throughout the year addressing specific themes. This enables “continuous listening” to capture employee input. Establishing an action plan based on such feedback helps to: • Build a proactive, agile culture of real-time, ongoing, meaningful feedback • Drive ongoing conversations about performance, priorities, opportunities, and growth • Achieve a consistently high-performing organization, committed employees, and a sense of well-being and belonging among all those in the organization Empowering managers We’ve also shifted the focus of the surveys: managers are now responsible for owning the data, having productive conversations with employees regarding the results, and coordinating action planning. Quest encourages managers to use the ACT framework to Acknowledge where employees are; Collaborate on where the team wants to go; and Take 1 step forward, identifying 1 change to focus on in coming weeks, and setting a progress check-in date. Our revamped Employee Insights Survey is administered by Glint. We work with Glint to ensure that the questions we pose to employees are scientifically based, tested, and validated. We also link the insights captured and results tracked via the surveys to important outcomes, including performance, productivity, employee turnover, and customer experience. Glint’s People Science team helps us measure against similar companies in our industry using healthcare benchmarks, which include companies from the healthcare sector as well as curated industry panels, where the statistical power represents ~50M survey participants. A manager's guide to the survey provides helpful tips for using the survey data most effectively, such as, having short, regular conversations with their teams about implementing positive changes. Quest managers agree that obtaining real-time and continuous employee feedback enables Quest to adapt questions, reflect major challenges and concerns, and assess employees’ evolving needs. Our new survey approaches and strategies continue to be well-received by employees, with many expressing that the surveys show Quest’s genuine interest in obtaining honest employee feedback and taking positive, constructive action. Month Topic Responses January Employee support and well-being 25,419 June Ethics, compliance, and belonging 26,816 October Authenticity, acceptance, and equal opportunity; manager trust tied to inclusion and equity 27,838 Let your voice be heard. March 15–29, 2022 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2021 OVERVIEW COVID-19 RESPONSE PROMOTING A HEALTHIER WORLD CREATING AN INSPIRING WORKPLACE BUILDING VALUE REFERENCES

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