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2021 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT I 55 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT & RECOGNITION RecognitionQuest: a culture of appreciation, celebration, and rewards Ensuring a sense of belonging and connection in the workplace requires fostering a culture that includes both recognition and appreciation—as we do with our recognition programs. Recognition Quest RecognitionQuest, an internal platform, enables us to maintain a culture where all Quest colleagues can regularly Appreciate, Celebrate, and Reward one another by: • Openly valuing positive everyday actions and spotlighting “above and beyond” contributions • Enabling employees to think more broadly about recognition and about who they can recognize and how, including peer-to-peer Through RecognitionQuest, employees post messages and award recognition points to their colleagues, which can then be redeemed for meaningful prizes in a reward catalog, including merchandise or gift cards, or donated to our Employee Relief Fund or another nonprofit of choice. RecognitionQuest also provides colleagues with a simple, effective way to congratulate their colleagues on significant milestones, such as creating service anniversary and custom celebration eCards for promotions, certifications, retirements, new hires, and other special occasions. Small Gestures Big Impact Small Gestures Big Impact (SGBI) is a RecognitionQuest program that allows employees to show appreciation for colleagues' efforts in a way that values and recognizes everyone’s contributions toward fulfilling our goals. SGBI also allows us to differentiate between recognition and appreciation. The former focuses on an individual’s past performance, commends what they did and how they achieved their results, and is most impactful when it comes from the top. In contrast, appreciation acknowledges an individual’s inherent value as a human being and puts the spotlight on an individual versus a business. Research shows that employees who feel valued, cared about, and appreciated obtain several benefits, including significantly increased productivity, decreased stress, and increased collaboration. Bottom line: organizations that understand the difference between recognition and appreciation experience higher performance and enhanced employee well-being. 1 In 2021, Quest provided SGBI program trainings to a core team of leaders and then established 19 Champion teams in a “train the trainer” approach. Champion team members went on to train and roll out the SGBI program and its principles to more than 2,100 Quest leaders from January to April 2021. Quest colleagues now show their appreciation for employee excellence in the following categories: • Collaboration • Caught in the act (of excellence) • Leadership • Celebrate • Innovation In celebration of all our employees and their contributions to making Quest a wonderful place to work: 25,346 employees recognized their colleagues 45,426 received at least 1 recognition from their colleagues 90,008 acknowledged or “boosted” recognitions by other colleagues TABLE OF CONTENTS 2021 OVERVIEW COVID-19 RESPONSE PROMOTING A HEALTHIER WORLD CREATING AN INSPIRING WORKPLACE BUILDING VALUE REFERENCES

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