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2021 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT I 47 INCLUSION & DIVERSITY Our I&D learning journey Employees responded favorably in 2020 to opportunities to talk about how racism and other biases continue to impact our society, leading to the introduction of a new training series in 2021. Introduced by Executive Director and Human Resources Business Partner Ebony David, the series is meant to deepen awareness of implicit and unconscious bias in our work and interpersonal relationships. The first module was designed to develop a common understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion among all employees, encourage self-reflection, and initiate meaningful conversations about how I&D shows up at Quest. Module 2 spotlighted how understanding and addressing unconscious bias is crucial for supporting a collaborative work environment, building strong relationships, and breaking down barriers and stigmas. This module included a welcome message from 2 of our Employee Business Network leaders, Koko Adeniran, past co-chair of African-American Business Leaders EBN, and Madhuri Korimilli, co-chair of Pan-Asian Leaders EBN. The third module in the series aimed to unpack what allyship means at Quest, providing real-life scenarios to empower our employees to feel comfortable speaking up for others and practicing inclusive behaviors. This module also featured a personal welcome message from CEO-elect Jim Davis reflecting on how allyship has impacted his professional and personal life. “ These trainings were awesome! They reminded me not only to be professional, but also to be an ally and speak up when the opportunity arises. ” “ These I&D trainings continue to push me to become a better human being and colleague at Quest. ” We released additional resources for leaders to get conversations started within their teams around these topics and offered these modules in Spanish to reach our Quest colleagues in Puerto Rico and Mexico. These trainings are helping to continue to embed I&D as a critical part of our company culture. Continuing “The Conversation” In 2020, we engaged with our leaders on how to address racism, biases, and inequities. Part of our approach included “The Conversation,” a 2-hour virtual training for senior leaders, and “Real Talk” for Human Resources leaders. These trainings help improve understanding of how racism and privilege may appear at work, align leadership actions to support a culture of inclusion, and empower leaders to communicate their authentic view of the importance of I&D at Quest. In 2021, Quest leaders participated in these critical trainings, including ~300 in “The Conversation” and ~80 in “Real Talk.” The trainings concluded with a call to action outlining several recommendations to keep Quest leaders accountable for continuing this work, stressing that “accountability is the only way to achieve sustainability.” TABLE OF CONTENTS 2021 OVERVIEW COVID-19 RESPONSE PROMOTING A HEALTHIER WORLD CREATING AN INSPIRING WORKPLACE BUILDING VALUE REFERENCES

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