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2021 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT I 18 Transitioning to life with COVID-19: a new normal Back to recreation Back to school Back to working on-site Many Quest employees are successfully transitioning from working remotely to returning safely to working on-site (p. 19). Read about how Quest helped children across the country return to in-school learning (p. 20). Quest’s innovative new programs and collaborations are getting people back to recreation, including travel, sporting events, and more (p. 21). TABLE OF CONTENTS 2021 OVERVIEW COVID-19 RESPONSE PROMOTING A HEALTHIER WORLD CREATING AN INSPIRING WORKPLACE BUILDING VALUE REFERENCES As COVID-19 transitions from pandemic to endemic, we’re learning to live a “new normal.” Reported levels of COVID-19 vary by region, with most states adjusting masking requirements in public areas. Employees are returning to on-site work, and children are back to in-school learning. Quest proactively established our “ Back to Life ” effort including multiple partnerships and initiatives to help communities safely return to on-site work, school, and recreational activities. In the coming pages, we'll discuss many of our successful endeavors and how they're helping so many to return to all aspects of life.

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