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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly 1 2021 MYVOICE BY THE NUMBERS 83% 84% response rate of survey respondents answered favorably to “The work that I do at MetLife is meaningful to me.” ~93,000 comments; every single comment is 75% read and a feedback session is held with the CEO and CHRO of survey respondents answered favorably to “I believe meaningful action will be taken as a result of this survey.”—11 points 78% over benchmark of survey respondents answered favorably to “How happy are you working at MetLife?” 1. SEE APPENDIX FOR ADDITIONAL RELEVANT METRICS RELATED TO ATTRACTION AND RETENTION: HIRES AND TERMS, HIRE RATE AND TERMINATION RATE BY GENDER, ETHNICITY AND AGE. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 16

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