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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly Governance BOARD OF DIRECTORS MetLife’s Board of Directors is responsible for providing direction on the management of the property, affairs and business of the Corporation. We maintain a Directors’ Code of Business Ethics, which requires each Director to annually review and sign an acknowledgment of understanding and compliance. Each of MetLife’s Board Committees (with the 1 DIVERSITY OF SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE exception of the Executive Committee) is chaired (Includes both primary and secondary qualifications) by an independent director with demonstrated expertise in the responsibilities of that Committee Executive Leadership 11 and strong leadership skills. The Board’s Governance Corporate Governance/Public Company Board 11 and Corporate Responsibility Committee meets at Financial Services 6 least three times each year and makes regular reports Global Literacy 10 to the Board of Directors about its activities. Regulated Industry/Government 13 The Governance and Corporate Responsibility Investments 5 Committee is tasked with various responsibilities, Financial Expertise, CFO and Audit 7 including oversight of MetLife’s: Risk Management 10 • Proposed succession and development plans for Consumer Insight/Analytics 3 Executive Officer; Technology 7 • Ethics and compliance programs and sales practices, Corporate Affairs 7 to mitigate the risk of non-compliance, customer and regulatory complaints and other reputational risks; • Annual compliance plan approval; and • Goals and strategies concerning legislative, regulatory and corporate responsibility initiatives that impact MetLife’s interests. The Committee also oversees an annual Board evaluation. 1. AS OF APRIL 2022. FOR A MORE DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCES, SEE METLIFE'S 2022 PROXY STATEMENT. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 78

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